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When Pete (Townshend) first started writing, his songs were kind of other people's songs badly remembered . . . 'Substitute' was a Four Tops song that he couldn't remember.

John Entwistle, bassist with The Who, Q

I spent all my English literature lessons playing battleships.

Stephen Daldry, theatre director

I never betray a confidence. I'm a very loyal person.

Max Clifford, PR supremo, Q

I ask them for money and they tell me they'll have to close a hospital or something if they give me more, but it doesn't bother me actually. The arts are just as important as health. In fact, if we invested a small sum of money in the arts, we might see savings in the health expenditure.

Brian McMaster, director of the Edinburgh Festival, Telegraph

We live in a world where scienceis now more important than art.

Malcolm McLaren, French impressionist, Arena

I can't run a marriage at the same time. I can't run a stock portfolio. I can't do anything but act.

Jack Nicholson, actor, on making movies, Empire

I also tried to make a film about the trade in infant body parts for transplants, but that didn't go down well either . . .

Alex Cox, film director, on a failed project, Independent