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Not one book (published since 1945) has seemed to me to be of any value in helping a man orient himself in the contemporary human situation. The reason is that our times have become dogmatic, and historical awareness has disappeared.

Nirad C Chaudhuri, 96-year-old essayist,

biographer and sage, Sunday Telegraph

When people say the whole world seems to revolve around you, I say, well of course it does, who else is it going to revolve around?

Peter Cook, comedian, GQ

He would always do his best to upstage you, while appearing to do all he could to help.

John Peel remembers co-presenting

Top of the Pops with Jimmy Savile, in

Not Fade Away: 30 Years of TOTP, Radio 1

If they are forgeries they are master forgeries. In fact the work of the greatest forger of all time.

H C Robbins Landon, musical biographer,

reacting to the newly discovered

'Haydn sonatas', Guardian

They are forgeries. It was very clear from the first day we saw the documents that

they were never genuine. We will never allow them to be part of the Haydn com

plete edition.

Horst Walter, director of the Haydn

Institute, Guardian

Real, internecine up-a-musicological-gum- tree fighting.

Fiona Maddocks, the editor of BBC Music,

summing up the Haydn debate, Guardian

The authorities feel pressure from outside; if Clinton can do a new deal with China, they will relax the ideological controls.

Chen Kaige, director of Farewell My

Concubine, banned in China, Times

If I was a fan, looking at me, the performer, I'd say I've gone a bit soft. I'd still like me, and think I was the best. Just about.

Alexei Sayle, comedian, Radio Times

Roman (Polanski) was sitting on my lap on the plane, crying. It was the end of the Sixties; you could hear the toilets flushing.

Richard Sylbert, production designer, on the day after Sharon Tate's murder, Premiere

When I read the macho shit these guys write, I want to smash their heads.

John Turturro, actor-director, on scripts, Time Out