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Schindler's List was bought in 1982 and made in 1993. And in between I grew up. - Steven Spielberg, Times

I'm sorry to see it go. But that's life really. - Rachel Whiteread, artist, on seeing her House demolished, Press Association

We are absolutely sick and tired of it. - Jacqueline Morris, one of House's neighbours, ibid

It's fashionable to say 'Oh, radio's so marvellous, so improving'. But you can do a lot more, comically, on TV and film. Radio is for the beginning and end of your career. - Patrick Marber, comic, on the medium he's about to leave behind, Daily Telegraph

We are not a pre-planned band. Y'know, Bernard's sitting on the bus, gets a flash of inspiration and he has to rush home. I've been out with Brett and he's had to buy a dictaphone. - Mat Osman, Suede bassist, Q

It's often difficult to draw lines between pop and rock lyrics, rap and poetry. This will allow all four to be heard side by side. - Matthew Bannister, controller of Radio 1, announcing that it will broadcast poetry, PA

Rock music, collecting editions of P G Wodehouse. - Bannister gives his interests in the new Who's Who

It isn't that I read Dickens all the time but I have to go back to it for a fix. - Gaby Roslin, presenter of The Big Breakfast, Guardian

How can they fit 15 years into two hours? - Sarah Conlon, mother of Gerry, on the film In the Name of the Father, Independent

My favourite light-entertainment show in my late teens was The Generation Game. At university, most students didn't watch television, but I used to seek out a TV set for early Saturday evenings. - David Liddiment, the BBC's new head of entertainment, Observer

It has allowed us to import sin. We wrote a magistrate into the script, with a bedridden wife, and we had him go to Cardiff where he met a prostitute. It's only 40 minutes down the M4 and he can be home in time for tea. - William Jones, of Pobol y Cwm, on the M4, Sunday Telegraph