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American actors are dying to get involved in British films. Studios at home do not make the sort of thinking films that are coming out of this country.

Sally Field, actress, Standard

Jeremy Paxman's worse than me. He's crap.

Huffty, presenter of The Word, The Face

It startled me into realising what's important and what's not.

Burt Reynolds, film star, on how the LA earthquake prompted him to settle financial differences with his estranged wife, Loni Anderson, Evening Standard

Basically, I'm a lesbian.

Eddie Izzard, cross-dressing comedian, wraps up the debate about his sexuality,

Time Out

I deserve less than ever to give a 'keynote address' . . . a 'key' can always get lost and an 'address' always fail to reach its 'address'.

Jacques Derrida's keynote address to New York's Cardozo School of Law annual conference, New York Times

Frank was my Elvis . . . as soon as Bart Simpson is able to shave, he'll have a little moustache and goatee just like Frank's.

Matt Groenig, creator of The Simpsons, pays tribute to the late Frank Zappa, Q

I will just tell her to keep her chin up.

Mike Reid, actor, on what he would say to Gillian Taylforth on her return to the EastEnders' set, Press Association