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It was the most wonderful part I ever had and I was a madman to give it up. I got proprietorial and became demanding and insecure . . . I never meant to be difficult, but I began to live in the world of the Doctor, this benevolent alien, and thought no one understood me.

Tom Baker, actor, Radio Times

The frequent mention of Harvey Nichs is a reference to the posh Knightsbridge clothing store Harvey Nichols, a shop that looms large in the lives of Edina and Patsy.

An American critic unpicks

Absolutely Fabulous, now

showing on cable TV

We wanted to come up with something that wasn't just another dumb monument.

David Marks, architect, on a

plan to build the world's largest

Ferris wheel on the South Bank,

London Evening Standard

The only prerequisite is to have hair on the back of your neck.

Lesley Garrett, soprano, on

what you need to appreciate

Wagner, Radio Times

Kevin is not always very articulate, but he's very expressive and terribly loyal.

Lawrence Kasdan, director of

Kevin Costner's latest film,

Wyatt Earp, Premiere

My natural inclination now is

to write songs in a grown-up way, which, I'm told, is not

the most fascinating aspect of my personality.

Suggs, of Madness,

Time Out

It was predictable that Private Eye called me The World's Worst Columnist . . . You have to admit they've got a point.

Mariella Frostrup, television presenter and Sunday Times writer, Guardian