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I find in Pinter people I know, although I wish I didn't.

Alan Ayckbourn on his fellow

playwright, Observer

He lives in a house called Beaver Lodge. So I christened him Lord Dick of Beaver.

Debra Winger on working

with Richard Attenborough,

Sunday Telegraph

It'd be nice to think that 50 years after I've snuffed it some kids will be forced to do Joseph at the end of the school term.

Tim Rice, lyricist, on his

hopes for the future, Observer

Not like Keats.

Kate Saunders, journalist, on

Rice's lyrics, Start the Week

She had a tremendous vocabulary and used swear words of every conceivable kind. It was very salty language.

Francis King, writer, on his

former neighbour, the late

Melina Mercouri, Standard

Bitches, I mean womens were faintin'. But there weren't no problems, no violence. We ain't used to doing shows without

no violence.

Snoop Doggy Dogg,

gangsta rap star, on his

recent London concerts, Q

It was a very, very, very tense moment.

Vivian Wade, a Sinatra fan, on

the star's collapse, Telegraph

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