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I think this is fair. If you amortise the money over 28 years, it's dollars 12.50 a year. So is it worth dollars 12.50 a year to see me sing? To hear me sing live? I'm not going to do it again - Barbra Streisand, answering the charge that tickets for her first tour since 1966 (pounds 260 in Britain, dollars 350 in the US) were too expensive, Time

Andrew Neil? I've never heard of him - Don Hewitt, executive producer of American TV's Sixty Minutes, Sunday Telegraph

Whatever your script is like, if the punters don't want to sleep with the star, you may never be asked to write another one - Richard Curtis, writer of Four Weddings and a Funeral, Observer

If you get into a Biblical reciprocated violence scenario, then I understand it - Sylvester Stallone's thoughts on the link between screen and real-life violence, Empire

We no longer have departments but Business Units. My boss is now a Business Unit Manager, or BUM - Anonymous BBC employee, The Oldie

No, really, I'm OK. Honestly. Things between me and Cindy Crawford are just fine - Billy Joel, recently separated from Christie Brinkley, reassures fans at Earls Court, Times

I don't want 15 minutes of fame. I want, like, a month - Paul Warhola, artist and brother of Andy Warhol, Sunday Telegraph

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