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If you are a genius, it's a licence to behave badly - Britt Ekland on her first husband, Peter Sellers, Desert Island Discs (R4)

Very few writers are grown-up enough to reasonably share a credit - Steven E De Souza, one of 32 screenwriters who worked on The Flintstones, Observer

My interest in dope was getting way out of proportion to my interest in music - Dr John, pianist, explaining why he kicked heroin after 35 years, New York Times

I thought it was a hoot] - Elizabeth Buchanan, lady-in-waiting to Baroness Thatcher, on Nick Broomfield's Tracking Down Maggie (C4), Guardian

There is a point where men cease to embody the qualities that women desire, but it's not much shy of a wheelchair and the need for total medical care - David M Buss, evolutionary psychologist, explaining why leading men in films are often 20 years older than their leading ladies, New York Times

I don't bother with novels because most of them are so unreal and predictable - Mary Whitehouse, retiring reactionary, Guardian

It's very hard to think back to pre-Janet days. It's like before Christ - John Whiston, new head of youth programmes at BBC TV, on his predecessor, Janet Street-Porter, Independent