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You've got to understand my perspective. I was Pauline Kael's and Francois Truffaut's and Bertolucci's favourite American actor. I always felt validated, I always felt loved.

John Travolta, shrugging off the idea that he is back from the wilderness, Time Out He's like a big kid.

Bruce Willis, film star, on Quentin Tarantino, director of Pulp Fiction, New York Times It was difficult to be married to someone who was married to her success and therefore not to me.

Elliott Gould, actor, on eight years of marriage to Barbra Streisand, Radio Times He would read my school report in one hand and bash me over the head with Country Life with the other.

Sir Reresby Sitwell on his father, Sacheverell, the aesthete, Independent You too? I used to intercept my report before it got to him.

Francis Sitwell, Reresby's brother, Independent I now know what a single adjective can do. I suppose I should have realised before. It is a lesson that all critics and editors should learn.

Michael Church, former arts editor of this newspaper, on the hostile reception of his play The English Kiss, Sunday Times