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I never created Alf Garnett, society created him. I just grassed on him . .

. A society that is frightened to see an Alf Garnett reflecting some of the worst elements of that society is a society that's in deep trouble - Johnny Speight, writer, on rumours that Alf Garnett has become the latest victim of PC, Independent I think the thing with Kurt was he'd taken too much too soon whereas it had taken me years to get as f---ed up as I did - Shane MacGowan, singer, on comparisons with the late Kurt Cobain, NME You have all heard the rumours. My name is Richard Gere and I am . . . a lesbian] - Richard Gere, actor, addresses the Stonewall Equality Show The audience is getting duller and more stupid. People . . . somehow hand their brains in when they go to the theatre - David Edgar, playwright, on the decline of the theatre audience, Independent I can still play sensual women. The definition of movie stardom is sex and there has to be some of that in you. - Jane Fonda, actor, on playing sexy after 50, Daily Mail I wasn't terribly drawn to the basic project because I'm not crazy about horror movies, and I don't much like acting. I did need the money . . . - John Cleese, on how he nearly turned down a role in Kenneth Branagh's new film, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Time Out I think if Rod bought a football club it would be one that played better than Orient - Unnamed spokesman for Rod Stewart's record label, on rumours that the singer is about to purchase Leyton Orient FC, Time Out