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I don't think you can go too far with violence if what you're doing is right for the movie. What's too far? - Quentin Tarantino, movie brat, Time Out

Everything that has happened to Ireland has happened to me - Sinead O'Connor, singer, New York Times

Mine is not a face that takes care of itself. If I want to look beautiful in movies, I have to have help with lighting and camera angles - Glenn Close, actress, New York magazine

I think they're actually turning into one another - Kit Hesketh-Harvey, a friend, on actors Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley, Tatler

A star is usually pretty boring - Ken Loach, film-maker, explaining why he often casts unknowns, Film 94 (BBC1)

Wait till you see the set and the titles we've designed. Every TV current-affairs show I've ever seen is too rooted in the old print medium. Typescripts, telexes, clattering typewriters. We'll be the first show that uses only the language of video. You start with a camera lens, and through it you see the title, Full Disclosure. And then the rolling script of a teleprompter. It's dynamite - Andrew Neil, sometime editor of the Sunday Times, on his new American TV show, Guardian

Because there is now a wide selection of waistcoats for hire in different colours, the groom has asked if all gentlemen wear grey waistcoats, with a fly collar and paisley cravat. The cravat may be in your chosen shade of colour - Note to guests at yesterday's wedding of Bruno Brookes, the Radio 1 DJ, and Debbie Brooker, Guardian