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These days I can go to the theatre and see a lot of boring idiots doing Noel Coward plays and think, ahhh, that's charming.

Steven Berkoff, 56, on the ageing process,


I have never known the arts community more demoralised. No sooner do we glimpse a few signs of recovery than they are dashed by the threat of folding orchestras and dark theatres.

Dennis Marks, general director, ENO, Guardian

It didn't hurt me. Maybe it did me the world of good - I learnt how to fall.

Norman Wisdom remembers being thrown across

the room by his father, South Bank Show

I liked the idea of the KYTV interviewer who asks the questions that no one else dares put . . . So, following on from that, who are you shagging at the moment, Angus?

Daily Star journalist to Angus

Deayton at the press conference

to launch the new series of KYTV

The thing about Eastwood's image is that he is what a lot of Americans would like to perceive themselves to be, which is that they would like to be very open and fair-minded, but if it didn't go well after a while they'd shoot you.

John Malkovich on Clint Eastwood, his In the Line of Fire co-star, GQ