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We fell asleep on the plane, we feel asleep in the car, we probably just went right to sleep at home. All I know is the next morning I was sitting at the car wash and I was married.

Cindy Crawford, model and

the wife of actor Richard

Gere, on her wedding-night,

Rolling Stone

There were times during the writing of the last series when I thought: 'What is the point? I'm just completely unhappy, completely torn apart by this process'.

David Baddiel, comic, Time Out

It's great when people can go into a movie house for an hour and a half and just see Fred Astaire or Abbott and Costello. They laugh, and they've had a breather from the storm, and that should be the function of films - not The Bicycle Thief or The Grand Illusion or Bergman, where, you know, people have a pretty hard life, and they come into the cinema and get confronted again with these problems on an intellectual or emotional level.

Woody Allen, Guardian

You see, I think farting is in good taste and I think bloodshed is in bad taste. A winking sexual joke is fine, but actually to show a bare breast or pubic hair is not. It's really bad. It's a put-off . . . You can't be aroused, really aroused, and laugh. You choose one or the other, and I choose laughter.

Mel Brooks, Sunday Telegraph