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My life has been wrecked. And still is. What I'm doing now is fighting my corner.

Salman Rushdie, Independent

We're total philistines in this country. Our attitude to modern art is appalling. It's like we used to take the mickey out of foreigners because they spoke funny. That's the level.

Robert Elms, writer, GLR

Oooh, and it makes me wonder. How does it affect you blokes?

Rolf Harris, to backing singers,

on the cover of Led Zeppelin's

'Stairway to Heaven' which is

rapidly ascending the charts

We need a new kind of action hero, who's almost maternal. Who represents the sensitive side of man.

Nicolas Cage, film actor, Esquire

You realise, sooner or later, that you never fit in.

Bryan Ferry, Esquire

It's really thought-provoking. Serena Scott Thomas on Sky's Diana: Her True Story, in which she stars, Daily Telegraph

Utter rubbish. Reporter on a Murdoch paper gives his verdict on the show

(but not his name), Telegraph

It's not Jewel in the Crown, but it is certainly as good as most mini-series the BBC or ITV have bought.

David Elstein, BSkyB's head

of programming, Guardian

Rhubarb is one of the few plants that needs a good talking-to.

One of the lines the scriptwriters have given the Prince of Wales