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His natural talent was nothing special, but the superhuman effort he brought to his work made him a superstar.

Louis Bozon, a friend, on Rudolf Nureyev, 1938-93

He was very, very strict about himself. He had no illusions.

Dame Ninette de Valois

He was like a wonderful animal that had escaped the cage.

Briony Brind, ballerina

Sexual chemistry is a very old- fashioned phrase. It's a friendly relationship, full of respect.

GMTV's Michael Wilson, on

Fiona Armstrong, Daily Telegraph

By the time Fiona left ITN she was not looking good. The flirtatious side of her had just died.

Lis Howell, their boss, Daily Mirror

I was motivated by being involved in crime. I've robbed enough Beverly Hills houses to see what people have.

Ice-T, rapper, Vox

I was totally unmanageable . . . Insane, practically.

Elton John, looking back on

his addictions, GMTV

I can't take into account what some knuckle-head is going to do after seeing my movie. My obligation is to my characters.

Quentin Tarantino, director of

Reservoir Dogs, Observer

We just copied all this stuff from Detroit. But we kept getting it wrong. And the more we got it wrong, the more interested people seemed to be in it.

Andrew Barker, of Manchester rave band 808 State, Sunday Times