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In the way kids do, we'd have big arguments, Wagner v King Crimson. Nowadays I think I'd go for King Crimson.

Nicholas Hytner, theatre and opera director, on his days at Manchester Grammar, Daily Telegraph

I read about a clinic in Arizona for sex addiction. I suppose I should be in one, but I have no intention of being cured.

Nicolas Roeg, film-maker,

Movieline magazine

People don't really want to see sex. They want to almost see it.

Paul Schrader, film-maker, ibid.

What would I have done if Sinatra had written his own songs?

Sammy Cahn, 1913-93, recalling

his recurring nightmare

There were times when you had to approach people carefully and say: 'Excuse me, are you Croats? Oh] sorry, you're Muslims . . . you're shooting at . . . um . . . Serbs? Oh, the Croats.'

Kate Adie, on covering the war

in Bosnia, Guardian

The one thing I've realised over the years is I'm a quick learner.

Sharon Stone, star of Basic

Instinct, Sunday Mirror Magazine