Arts: Overheard

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Finding the pornography was the most important day in the writing of the book . . . I realised that I had the opportunity to talk about a general truth: that the beautiful flower of art grows on a long stalk out of some very mucky stuff.

Andrew Motion on his Philip Larkin biography, Guardian

I haven't seen Howards End and don't want to. I'm sick to death with nostalgia.

Glenda Jackson, Independent

It's the same in bloody football. If you didn't go to the away at Port Vale in 1952 you're not a bloody fan.

Paul Whitehouse, co-star of Harry

Enfield's Guide to Opera (C4)

I don't like appearing with a bare-breasted woman on screen because no one is looking at me.

Michael Caine, Time Out

Whenever people said, you know, 'In three months we'll all be going on our summer holidays,' I would think, well, yes, if we're all still here.

P D James on her fascination with death, Vanity Fair

She was deaf and her memory for lines was not good. Yet she never minded when I prompted her during a take. I think she was remembering silent films, when the director would talk and film her at the same time.

Lindsay Anderson, who directed

Lillian Gish in her last film

in 1987, Evening Standard