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When I was a child all I wanted to be was a chronic invalid and now I have an agent - which is exactly the same thing.

Quentin Crisp, who plays Elizabeth I in Orlando, Empire

People would think you were very peculiar if you started coming on strong about the soul. It's simply not done.

Dan Franklin, publisher, on conversation in literary London today, Daily Telegraph

It was this funny world of art- rock, which has since disappeared, but which was a beautiful moment there for a while.

Philip Glass, on coming across the work of David Bowie and Brian Eno in the Seventies, Independent

An Englishman at his worst is a British film critic.

Stephen Woolley, producer of The Crying Game, Premiere

Is this the first time that Faust has ever been discussed on Radio 1's Breakfast Show?

Angus Deayton lends tone to the Simon Mayo show

This album is dedicated to me]

Gail Ann Dorsey, singer-songwriter, credits to Rude Blue

Your parents should have the biggest effect on your life. Apart from Jesus.

Cliff Richard, bachelor boy,

Daily Telegraph

Yes, I would have married him.

Delia Wicks, Cliff's girlfriend of more than 30 years ago, GMTV