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The new play is beyond politics, beyond situation, beyond narrative. I see it as the first play of Pinter's middle period. - Director David Leveaux on Moonlight, Pinter's first full-length play for 15 years, Daily Telegraph

The Faces were just a poor man's Rolling Stones when we started out. We'd never admit it, of course, just as the Black Crowes would never admit they copy us. - Rod Stewart, Q magazine

You couldn't just sit back and watch the movie - you had to be constantly thinking of witty smart-arse things to say when you did your review. - Alexei Sayle remembers a foray into film criticism, Observer

Sexuality is such a part of life, but sexuality in movies - I have a hard time finding it. - Catherine Deneuve, Premiere

I never thought I'd be overdressed at a British event. - Gene Hackman, in a tuxedo, at the Los Angeles lunch for the British Academy Awards

I shudder to see younger interviewers using the 'come off it' approach. If the interviewer thinks a politician is telling a lie he should ask questions which show as much and let the viewer judge. - Sir Robin Day, Independent

Why is everyone ashamed of the hippy times? - Mike Oldfield, Time Out