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This is not going to be some kind of Mensa test . . . It does not mean everyone is going to be discussing the theory of relativity.

Matthew Bannister, Radio 1's controller designate, on rumours that the station

will feature more chat, Guardian

They are the Jurassic Park station. They are extinct. You have to wonder if Matthew Bannister has an idea in his brain.

Tony Blackburn, DJ, on the changes at Radio 1, Today

I am eclectic. I steal from everybody. Tony Scott, film director, Time Out

They (the audience) think they are the ultimate judge of what is going to happen, and think they have the right to boo. And if you want my opinion, they are right.

Luciano Pavarotti on being booed at La Scala

after missing a note in Don Carlos, 60 Minutes

Ike's a reformed man, he's born again. He comes to my church on Sundays. He's over his problems, he's given up the drugs. He doesn't even drink or smoke. I mean he's in Italy and he won't even touch a glass of wine.

'King of Soul' Solomon Burke on

Ike Turner, Guardian

A movie without violence today is a lie. Dennis Hopper, actor and director, Film 93 (BBC1)

I think more and more that the more beautiful the images, the more meaningless they are. Wim Wenders, film-maker, Sight & Sound

I've always had such a healthy respect for my instrument that I've never taken on anything that might disturb it. But now I've said, 'OK, come on, you're nearly 60, you can let rip, and if you disturb it, there's nothing lost'.

Marilyn Horne on a change of approach, Times