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Our joy is deeply tempered with sorrow. We won't be dancing on Radio 5's grave.

Rachel Mawhood, of the Save Radio Four Long Wave Campaign, on the BBC's decision to put its news-and-sport channel on Radio 5's frequency, Daily Mail

If you stand in front of an off-licence at King's Cross, eventually the whole of the Cabinet will come past.

Clive James, writer and TV star, Time Out

I miss the great newspapers in England. The ones here are terrible.

Tina Brown, editor of the New Yorker, Independent

I've passed fields where 75 cows are frozen, every eye on me. I slowdown and play games with interspecies communication. When I go to the bass range with long moo sounds, I sense that I'm communicating. Taking them seriously makes them feel pregnant with a kind of moment, a quivering existential happening.

Art Garfunkel, singerand actor, who is walking across America in 'instalments', a week at a time, New Yorker

A disaster.

Jeremy Irons on Damage, the Louis Malle film in which he starred this year, Mirabella