ARTS / Overheard

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I used to take a lot of girls to The Exorcist. It was simply a dating mechanism. Afterwards, they were too scared to sleep alone. I can't have been the first to discover that.

Martin Amis, novelist and screenwriter, Times

Sixteen-year-old Ken Branagh is a sports fanatic, but in between huffin' an' puffin' he also finds time for a bit of guitar playing and listening to music (his fave is Wings)] He'd like to write to a young lady of 15 plus, over 5ft, not fussy about looks but please send photo.

Personal ad in Oh Boy,

September 1977, which came to light at a recent car-boot sale

We're going to be playing the pop music of the past 300 years.

Michael Bukht, programme controller of the new Classic FM,


I'm terribly sorry for that Anglo-Saxon expletive that slipped out earlier.

Natalie Wheen, presenter of In Tune, one of Radio 3's new shows

This is part of the new, lively Radio 3.

BBC spokesman on Wheen's word

There's no clouds in the sky which is useful, 'cause following the sky you go sideways.

Andy Jameson,

swimming commentator,

Olympic Grandstand (BBC1)