ARTS / Overheard

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We had a lot of old people going to Back to the Future. When I say old, I mean over 18 - Director Bob Zemeckis, Premiere

Best wishes in this the 500th anniversary of the European incursion into Africa, the Caribbean and the Americas. Carnival represents triumph over adversity and is the celebration of the struggle for survival - Ken Livingstone on the Notting Hill Carnival, Time Out

The time is past for sentimentalism; the price paid by local residents and the taxpayer is too high. Thousands of residents must endure Carnival's 43 electronic sound systems blaring out 'hardcore house' and 'rave sounds' . . . The option of moving to Wormwood Scrubs, or some other open space, should be investigated - Daily Telegraph on the same

The agents here don't want anything new, anything to challenge, anything to annoy - Comedian at Montreal's Just For Laughs festival, Time Out

I'd like to know who the actors are that are doing it because they're not bad - Mike Leigh, on hearing the Dianagate tape, Guardian

And I'd like to thank the Vice-President - Candice Bergen collecting an Emmy award for Murphy Brown, attacked by Dan Quayle for lack of family values, Daily Telegraph