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What can you say? It is a terrible comment on the way British television is going. Granada programme-maker on hearing that his new boss was an accountant, Independent

To my father, acting was everything. It was escape, it was therapy. When he completed a role, he was certain he would never be hired again.

Peter Fonda on Henry Fonda, New York Times

Most people think artists have this amazing self-confidence and arrogance and don't care what anybody thinks. And there are some artists like that. But not very many.

Brian Eno, musician and producer, Boston Globe

Great playwrights and great composers have been showmen. Verdi wrote shows. Now people write shows or art - that's the trouble.

Nicholas Hytner, theatre and opera director, Time Out

America has no true satire.

Tim Robbins, actor, director and creator of sinister right-winger Bob Roberts, Film 92 (BBC1)

I see nothing wrong with him at all. His programme is an admirable one.

Alexander Walker, film critic, on Bob Roberts, Evening Standard

Can you just read in a normal voice, because I think you're peaking wrongly.

Classic FM engineer to Henry Kelly, disc jockey, on day one