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Life doesn't imitate art. It imitates bad television.

Woody Allen, actor-director, in his new film Husbands and Wives

Artists are scared by the past and don't believe in the future.

Robert Hughes, critic, Time

It's a pathological act to want to join the police. They should be looking to work themselves out of a job, not make a career out of it.

G F Newman, author, whose play Black and Blue is on BBC1 tonight, Time Out

Thin experimental dancers in jeans have to think of something to say to fat businessmen in suits.

Waldemar Januszczak, critic, on the benefits of sponsorship, Times

Without our co-operation Granada have felt it permissible to invent very intimate aspects of our captivity and liberation. We feel that to do this whilst claiming the film to be 'true' is both highly insensitive and a serious abuse of public trust.

Former Beirut hostages, Guardian

I wouldn't do anything filthy for entertainment.

Norman Wisdom, comedian and actor, Daily Telegraph

I suddenly realised that I had maybe 15, 20 years left, and I was fat and bloated and looking like a beagle on downers. I saw where I was headed, and I didn't look pretty. I'm not anxious to imitate Marlon Brando.

Jack Nicholson, actor