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Rock'n'roll in stadiums is genuinely awful. These concerts are just like Tupperware parties with 50,000 people, only they don't buy Tupperware, they buy hot dogs and T-shirts and occasionally look up to watch those disgusting video screens that are all out of sync and make you feel sick and torture you.

Roger Waters, former leader of

stadium rockers Pink Floyd, Q

Sacred Hunger is the best Booker entry I've ever read.

Graham Sharpe of William Hill

on the book he priced at 6-1 and

saw come in to 5-2, Daily Express

It was an idea before its time.

BSkyB spokesman on the decision

to close the Comedy Channel,

which ran repeats of old sitcoms

Their songs were singable as the songs of the old provincial music hall had been. The songs that have come after are not singable at all.

Anthony Burgess, author, on

the Beatles, Evening Standard

It's a management aide-memoire drawn up to identify who might need particular help to adjust to Producer Choice.

BBC spokeswoman on the list

dividing design staff into those

who can be trusted to support

huge changes and those who can't

Melvyn feels ill at ease with strong feminist writers.

Gillian Greenwood, South Bank

Show producer, on why she,

not Bragg, is interviewing Alice

Walker tonight, Evening Standard