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Media and mass culture have destroyed the possibility of great art.

David Bailey, photographer and ad director, Telegraph Magazine

I wanted people to hear what it means to be an African West Indian European.

Courtney Pine, jazz saxophonist, on his new album, Guardian

If I have been responsible for getting an audience to a concert hall, I don't want to be associated with music that I can't stick - like Berlioz.

Nigel Kennedy, violinist, who may or may not have retired from concerts, Daily Telegraph

Many men find it difficult to write female characters, as if they don't recognise that we are the same animal. But Woody likes women and finds them fascinating. It's extraordinary that a man wrote Another Woman.

Judy Davis, star of Husbands and Wives, on Woody Allen, Time Out

He doesn't stick to the script at all. On Alice, when I walked on set with pages of dialogue in my hands, he said, 'Don't worry about that] Just say stuff and we'll see what happens.'

Davis on Allen, same interview

Rock'n'roll is ridiculous.

Bono, of U2, Rolling Stone