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I'm incredibly upset. I have no plans for the future. The project I have set my heart on has been destroyed. - Rachel Whiteread, artist, on news that Bow Council has ordered the demolition of her House, despite her Turner Prize victory, Independent

(It) engages audiences with issues of immediate relevance to their lives. - The Turner Prize jury on Rachel Whiteread's work

I have clapped eyes only once on Madonna and recoiled in fastidious shock. - Dirk Bogarde, Telegraph

Clever stuff, I have no doubt, and calculated to prompt his fans into further spasms of boggle-eyed amazement. But for my taste, somewhat less entertaining than filling in an income-tax form. - Frank McGuinness, author of Someone to Watch Over Me, on Tom Stoppard's use of science in Arcadia, London Magazine

There is a difference between objecting to a particular king - such as Edward VIII - and being an anti-monarchist. - Ian Richardson, Francis Urquhart in To Play the King, on misgivings about the series' 'anti-royal' scenes, Standard

The marriage vows go against human nature. - Amanda Donohoe, actress, Guardian

We elevated him from 14 to 17, and lost the mother. We made sure he was hunky. Basically we made him Tom Cruise. Oh, and MC Hammer. He was another inspiration - the baggy pants. - Peter Schneider, of Disney, on Aladdin, Sunday Times

Yes, it's fair to say that someone has been politically correct. - Daniel Battsek, of Buena Vista, UK distributor of Aladdin, on the decision to excise 'anti-Arab' lyrics, Independent



In last week's Overheard we quoted a remark criticising Tom Stoppard's Arcadia, and attributed it to Frank McGuinness, author of the play Someone Who'll Watch Over Me. In fact it was written by another Frank McGuinness, drama critic of the London Magazine. We are happy to make this clear and to stress that the views quoted are not shared by Frank McGuinness the playwright. Apologies to both Frank McGuinnesses.