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THE INTERNET continues to encroach on our daily existence, and the world of backgammon is no exception. Latest results from tournaments around the world can be obtained at a moment's notice, and the backgammon news group is a forum for the exchange of ideas and theory providing an excellent place for those new to the game to source information.

Playing backgammon on the Internet is also a growth area and one of the best sites is Netgammon. It has more than 15,000 members from around the world and has several advantages over some of its rivals: response time is very quick, board graphics are excellent and the organisers help players by arranging tournaments.

Most games on the Internet are played as short three-, five- or seven- point matches. Your results are logged and you receive an ELO rating. You begin at 1,500 and your rating is adjusted according to your performance; around and above 1,900 is exceptional.

Netgammon provides a monthly newsletter, to which I contribute a regular article, and is forging links with Biba (British Isles Backgammon Association). You can try out Netgammon free of charges for the first three months. Find it at: http://www.netgammon. com\us\index.htm