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Tinky Winky, one of the Tellytubbies, has been "outed" by the fanatical religious crusader, the Reverend Jerry Falwell. The American preacherman says: "Tinky Winky is purple, the gay pride colour, and his antenna is shaped like a triangle, the gay pride symbol. I believe these subtle depictions are intentional and are damaging to the moral lives of children." The hunt is on for closet gays on children's TV. George, the pink hippo in Rainbow, and the campest puppet in television history, had better watch out.

Gladiators vanquished

So farewell, then, Jet, Hunter, Wolf, Cobra, Nightshade and Lightning. And huge cotton buds. Wave a giant fingered sponge goodbye to the heady mixture of muscle power and glamour that was Gladiators. The ratings were fading and the fans got bored. Even the Prime Minister confessed two years ago that: "Gladiators was favourite viewing in our house. Now it's whatever happens to be on, sometimes You Bet! or Noel's House Party." But it was not for the want of trying by the LWT producers. One of them, Ken Warwick, alleged that he was told to persuade the male Glads to put bits of newspaper down their shorts.

Ramrod Robin

This is Robin "Gladiator" Cook, obviously not a man who needs to stuff anything down his undies. Now, is that a police battering ram he's wielding, or is he just pleased to see us?

Mini camper

This is the Paul Smith "designer" Mini. Its multi-coloured paint job compliments the chubby features of this automotive Teletubby, now on show at the Design Museum in London.

Image of the week

This new sculpture has been erected at a place called Westferry Circus, here at Barometer's home in Canary Wharf. The tree took six months to create and is the work of Anglo-French artist Pierre Vivant. Monsieur Vivant "planted" his tree on the spot where a real tree had died of pollution. Its 75 sets of lights flash red, amber and green in a cycle reflecting the changing colours of the leaves during the year. Potentially confusing to road users. Cost? pounds 100,000.