Best Buy: Conger Eel

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'CONGER EEL', one of the illustrations from the first edition of a new book, The Mermaid's Purse, with 28 poems by Ted Hughes and 28 illustrations by R J Lloyd. Only 100 copies in a cloth-bound slipcase have been printed; they cost pounds 85 each including p & p. Hughes and Lloyd are old friends who have done two other books together, but the commercial edition of this book will have black-and-white illustrations by a different artist. The first edition is thus an instant collector's item, obtainable from The Sunstone Press, Iffield House, North Road, Bideford, Devon EX39 2NW (tel: 0237 472435).


I am Conger

Out in the rough.

Long enough

But growing longer -

Thicker too.

A bit of a shock

At my cave-door

Beneath my rock.

But look at you -

You're not so thin.

As for my grin -

Your teeth are quite a

Good bit whiter

And eat more.

(Photograph omitted)