Best Sellers: Hardbacks

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1 The Whole Woman Germaine Greer/Doubleday pounds 16.99

Trumping the young hussies

2 An Equal Music Vikram Seth/Phoenix House pounds 16.99

Emotional crises in a string quartet

3 Single and Single John le Carre/Hodder pounds 16.99

Double and trouble

4 Monsoon Wilbur Smith/Macmillan pounds 30.00

Historical seafaring saga

5 The Ground Beneath her Feet Salman Rushdie/Cape pounds 18.00

Orpheus and Eurydice in the hit parade

6 The Year 1000 Robert Lacey/Little,Brown pounds 12.99

How they ate, thought, dressed back then

7 The Testament John Grisham/Century pounds 16.99

Secrets of bad billionaire's will

8 The Krondor Raymond Feist/Voyager pounds 10.99

Sci-fi saga

9 Pilate Ann Wroe/Cape pounds 17.99 Now wash your hands

10 Bruce Chatwin Nicholas Shakespeare/Harvill pounds 20.00

Doorstopper biog for a slender oeuvre