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TODAY: Mr David Bailey, photographer, 61; Mr Nicholas Baring, chairman, Commercial Union, 65; Sir Richard Bayliss, former Physician to the Queen, 82; Mr Christopher Campbell, chairman, British Shipbuilders, 63; Admiral William J. Crowe, former US ambassador, 74; The Duke of Devonshire, former Chancellor of Manchester University, 79; Professor Sir Kingsley Dunham, former Director, Institute of Geological Sciences, 89; Mr David Graveney, cricketer, 45; Mr Walter Harrison, former MP, 78; Mr Algernon Heber-Percy, Lord-Lieutenant for Shropshire, 55; Sir Michael Hirst, former MP, 53; Mr Doug McAvoy, trade unionist, 60; Mr Piers Merchant MP, 48; Sir Bruce Pattullo, Governor, the Bank of Scotland, 61; Sir Charles Reece, former research and technology director, ICI, 72; Mr Edmund de Rothschild, director, N.M. Rothschild and Sons, 83; Air Marshal Sir Ernest Sidey, 86; Professor John Thomas, chemist, 73; Sir Keith Thomas, president, Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 66; Dame Rachel Waterhouse, former chairman, Consumers' Association, 76; Sir Andrew Wood, ambassador to the Russian Federation, 58; The Right Rev Kenneth Woollcombe, Assistant Bishop, Worcester, 75.

TOMORROW: Brigadier Sir John Anstey, former President, National Savings Committee, 92; Mr David Atherton, music director, Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, 55; Mr John Bamborough, former Principal, Linacre College, Oxford, 78; Mr Michael Barratt, broadcaster, 71; Mr Victor Borge, musician and comedian, 90; Sir Robin Butler, former Secretary of the Cabinet, 61; Mr Fran Cotton, former rugby international, 51; Sir Alastair Forbes, former judge, 91; Mr Mel Gibson, actor, 43; Sir Richard Hanbury-Tenison, Lord- Lieutenant of Gwent, 74; Sir Roy Harding, educationist, 75; Lord Hughes of Woodside, former MP, 67; Mr John Paul Jones, rock musician and producer, 53; Admiral Sir Michael Layard, former Second Sea Lord, 63; Miss Anya Linden (Lady Sainsbury of Preston Candover), former ballerina, 66; Sir George Martin, chairman, AIR group, 72; Mr Eric Martlew MP, 50; Sir Carol Mather, former MP, 80; Mr Matthew Taylor MP, 36; Mr John Thaw, actor, 57; Mr David Vine, BBC sports commentator, 63.