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TODAY: Mr Ralph Brown, sculptor, 71; Field Marshal Lord Carver, former Chief of the Defence Staff, 84; Mr John Ernest Collins, former chairman, Guardian Royal Exchange Assurance Group, 76; Lord Coulsfield, Senator of the College of Justice in Scotland, 65; Sir Peter Cresswell, High Court judge, 55; Mr Brian Donnelly, ambassador to Yugoslavia, 54; Sir Clement Freud, writer and former MP, 75; Dame Helen Gardiner, former Chief Clerk, Private Secretary's Office, Buckingham Palace, 98; M Jean- Paul Gaultier, fashion designer, 47; Mr Fred Heddell, chief executive, Mencap, 54; Rear-Admiral Sir Joseph Henley, 90; Mr Neil Hook, ambassador to Turkmenistan, 54; Mr Richard Jarman, arts consultant and former general director, Scottish Opera, 50; Mr Robert McCartney MP, 63; Mr Andrew MacKinlay MP, 50; Miss Shirley Maclaine, actress, 65; Ms Margaret Moran MP, 44; Mr James Paice MP, 50; Sir Hugh Park, former High Court judge, 89; Mr Stuart Pearce, footballer, 37; Miss Bridget Riley, painter, 68; Miss Barbra Streisand, actress and singer, 57; Lt-Col Stuart Townend, founder, Hill House School, 90; Mr Frank Wheeler, ambassador to Chile, 61; Mr John Williams, guitarist, 58; Miss Paula Yates, television presenter, 39.

TOMORROW: Professor Bob Boucher, Principal and Vice-Chancellor, Umist, 59; Mr Eric Bristow, darts champion, 42; Mr Anthony Christopher, former trade union leader, 74; Mr Johann Cruyff, football manager, 52; Mr David de Peyer, former director-general, Cancer Research Campaign, 65; Dr Thomas Faber, chairman, Geoffrey Faber, 72; Sir Francis Graham-Smith, former Astronomer Royal, 76; Lord Hayter, former chairman, Chubb & Son, 88; Mr Alan Hoole, consultant on UK Overseas Territories, 57; Sir Paul Judge, former Director- General, Conservative Party, 50; The Earl of Lichfield, photographer, 60; Sir Michael Llewellyn Smith, ambassador to Greece, 60; Mr Ian McCartney MP, Minister of State for Competitiveness, 48; Mr David Machin, Under Treasurer, Gray's Inn, 65; Lady Marre, former chairman, BBC and IBA Central Appeals Advisory Committee, 79; Surgeon Vice-Admiral Sir Godfrey Milton-Thompson, 69; Mr Buster Mottram, tennis player, 44; Miss Marian Norrie, circuit judge, 59; Mr John Owen, former Governor of the Cayman Islands, 60; Mr Al Pacino, actor, 59; Miss Helen Paling, circuit judge, 66; Mr William Roache, actor, 67; Mr Adrian Sanders MP, 40; Mr David Shepherd, artist, 68; Lord Skidelsky, Professor of Political Economy, Warwick University, 60; Mr Paul Stinchcombe MP, 37; Dame Veronica Sutherland, former ambassador to the Republic of Ireland, 60; Mr Bjorn Ulvaeus, singer, 54.