Bites: Not zhug again

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If Mr Loubet's mackerel sounds, ahem, exotic, then it is worth bearing in mind that Alastair Little and Richard Whittington would have us eating zhug. This Yemeni chilli condiment is one of the dishes in their chatty new book Food of the Sun (Quadrille Publishing). The recipes, particularly zhug, are from the now-for-something-completely-different school of cooking, say moussaka tartlets, or roast beetroot and olive salad with aioli. That said, they sound good.

A copy of this bright, glossy book could also save the style conscious from social humiliation. "You will not find a recipe for tiramisu in this book, thank you very much," it tells us. No, tiramisu is out, and a frozen equivalent, Diplomatico Freddo, is in. No doubt it will be served at Alastair Little Lancaster Road, 136a Lancaster Road, London W11, the restaurant that Mr Little and partners plan to open later this month.