Blame the bank, says Amex

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Sorry. We try to make sure our customers receive the best service possible. We are extremely embarrassed by your experience and would like to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

To clarify: American Express formed these partnerships with banks to ensure that customers received preferential overdraft rates.

Because the overdraft was with the partner bank, the bank should have informed customers. Unfortunately in your case this does not appear to have happened.

We would like to issue you with another Gold Card and by way of recompense we will waive the first year's fee, and add 2,000 Membership Reward points, which should buy several ice creams - at least!

The fee Gold Cardmembers pay entitles them to a wide variety of benefits and services. With your new card, not only will you get Membership Reward points, but your travel will be insured and if you have any problems on the way, you can dial our 24-hour assistance line.

We hope that your new card will once again take pride of place in your wallet and you'll soon be celebrating its return in style at Wallis Simpson.