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The Independent Culture

1 The Whole Woman Germaine Greer/Doubleday pounds 16.99

Trumping the young hussies

2 Monsoon Wilbur Smith/Macmillan pounds 16.99

Trouble afoot in the East India Company

3 The Testament John Grisham/Century pounds 16.99

Secrets of bad billionaire's will

4 Single and Single John le Carre/Hodder pounds 16.99

Double and trouble

5 Sharpe's Fortress Bernard Cornwell/HarperCollins pounds 16.99

Concludes Sharpe's Indian adventures

6 Year 1000 Robert & Lacey/Little,Brown pounds 12.99

Life as they knew it

7 Monica's Story Andrew Morton/M.O'Mara Books pounds 16.99

The tights come down, the sales go up

8 Station X Michael Smith/Channel 4 Books pounds 14.99

Boffins' war effort

9 The Guv'nor Lenny McLean & Peter Gerrard/Blake pounds 14.99 Vicarious thrills

10 Elegant Universe Brian Greene/Cape pounds 18.99

Superstrings, hidden dimensions and other tough stuff


1 My Legendary Girlfriend Mike Gayle pounds 6.99

Not the male Bridget Jones. Better than that

2 Come Together Josie Lloyd & Emlyn Rees/Arrow pounds 5.99

Go away

3 Patchwork Planet Anne Tyler/Vintage pounds 6.99

Redemption for divorced dad

4 Internet: Rough Guide Angus J Kennedy/Rough Guides pounds 5.99

Sites for sore eyes

5 Other People's Children Joanna Trollope/Black Swan pounds 6.99

Step-parents saga

6 Street Lawyer John Grisham/Arrow pounds 5.99

He's got his own website:

7 Highway Code: 1999 Driving Standards Agency/SOB pounds 1.49

Essential reading for drivers of white vans

8 Captain Corelli's Mandolin Louis de Bernieres/Vintage pounds 6.99

Greek myths, magic and music

9 The Beach Alex Garland/Penguin pounds 6.99

Because the sun's come out

10 Angela's Ashes Frank McCourt/Flamingo pounds 7.99

Feckless alcoholic father ruins an Irish childhood