Books: Best Sellers - Hardbacks

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1 The Naked Chef Jamie Oliver/M.Jospeph pounds 18.99

The boy wonderchef who sounds like Jagger with a lithp

2 Score! Jilly Cooper/Bantam pounds 16.99

Throb! Pulse! Fwoar!

3 An Equal Music Vikram Seth/Phoenix House pounds 16.99

String quartet beats Rushdie's rock opera

4 Soul of the Fire Terry Goodkind/Orion pounds 16.99

Sword and sorcery epic reaches fifth instalment

5 Pretty Boy Roy Shaw/Blake Publishing pounds 14.99

We're not about to argue with this diamond geezer

6 The Whole Woman Germaine Greer/Doubleday pounds 16.99

Trumping the young hussies

7 Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Stephen King/Hodder pounds 12.99

All alone in the forest except for a radio

8 Business At The Speed Of Thought Bill Gates/Penguin pounds 18.99

Into the future with billionaire Bill

9 The Ground Beneath Her Feet Salman Rushdie/Cape pounds 18.00

The hit and myth parade

10 Others James Herbert/Macmillan pounds 16.99

Weirdy blockbuster