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No surprise at the top of the fiction list. Master Potter's exploits continue to hold readers of all ages in thrall, although summery Jane Green now outsells chilly Dr Lecter. In the non-fiction list, the triumvirate of Stewart, Gray and Oliver, who have maintained a stranglehold on the top three for months, has been split apart by one of the many Star Wars titles. Lower down, the sales of the Who's Who's Guide to Star Wars are probably fuelled by people wishing to shine in pub quizes. True aficionados would have no need for such a tome.

Compiled on sales over seven days ending 17 July

Bookwatch Ltd, 1999



1 Driving Over Lemons Chris Stewart (Sort of Books) 3,486 pounds 6.99

2 Men are from Mars John Gray (Thorsons) 2,472 pounds 8.99

3 Stars Wars: visual dictionary David W Reynolds (DK) 2,263 pounds 12.99

4 The Naked Chef Jamie Oliver (M Joseph) 2,260 pounds 18.99

5 Ground Force Watergarden Charlie Dimmock (BBC) 1,544 pounds 9.99

6 Star Wars: phantom menace L Bouzereau (Ebury) 1,354 pounds 9.99

7 Ainsley's Big Cook Out Ainsley Harriott (BBC) 1,202 pounds 14.99

8 Star Wars: who's who (Running Press) 1,002 pounds 3.99

9 Star Wars: cross sections David W Reynolds (DK) 828 pounds 12.99

10 The Science of Discworld Terry Pratchett et al (Ebury) 819 pounds 14.99



1 Harry Potter and... J K Rowling (Bloomsbury) 43,250 pounds 10.99

2 Mr Maybe Jane Green (Penguin) 11,630 pounds 6.99

3 Hannibal Thomas Harris (Heinemann) 10,409 pounds 16.99

4 City Woman Patricia Scanlan (Bantam) 3, 619 pounds 5.99

5 Ralph's Party Lisa Jewell (Penguin) 3,314 pounds 5.99

6 Hot Property Zoe Barnes (Piatkus) 2,396 pounds 5.99

7 LA Connections 4 Jackie Collins (Pan) 2,383 pounds 2.50

8 Star Wars: phantom menace Terry Brooks (Century) 2,101 pounds 15.99

9 The Men in Her Life Imogen Parker (Corgi) 1,912 pounds 5.99

10 Net Force T Clancy & S Piecenik (Headline) 1,213 pounds 2.50