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If painting is undergoing another renaissance (or, to use the Saatchi word, a "triumph") it isn't instantly apparent from the art bestseller lists. Instead, what's really cool is graffiti: "street art" from five continents (at number one) and Banksy's subversive daubs which suddenly appear on brick walls around the country. Strange coffee-table fare, you might think. Elsewhere, it's the stalwarts: Phaidon's eternally attractive (and cheap) pictorial surveys of art from the 20th-century and the beginning of time and a little guidebook for the vast swathe of the population that dreams of discovering that dad's old wood box is, in fact, a medieval chest. Even that might not be enough to buy a Vettriano (above).


1 Graffiti World Ganz & Manco (Thames & Hudson) pounds 19.95

2 Existencilism: Black Book: Pt 1, V 2 Robin Banksy (WMD) pounds 4.99

3 The 20th-century Art Book (Phaidon) pounds 6.95

4 The Art Book (Phaidon) pounds 6.95

5 Banging Your Head Against a Brick... Robin Banksy (WMD) pounds 4

6 The Art of Drawing Manga Ben Krefta (Arcturus) pounds 12.99

7 Antique Marks: Collins Gem Series (Collins) pounds 4.99

8 Fashion Illustration Next Laird Borelli (Thames & Hudson) pounds 16.95

9 The Mini Origami Kit John Morin (Courage Books) pounds 3.79

10 Lovers and Other Strangers Jack Vettriano (Pavilion) pounds 14.99


1 Saturday Ian McEwan (Cape) pounds 17.99

2 The Broker John Grisham (Century) pounds 17.99

3 Kafka on the Shore Haruki Murakami (Harvill) pounds 12.99

4 Emperor: The Field of Swords Conn Iggulden (HarperCollins) pounds 12.99

5 The Da Vinci Code: Illustrated Edition Dan Brown (Bantam) pounds 20

6 Turkish Gambit Boris Akunin (Weidenfeld) pounds 12.99

7 Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell Susanna Clarke (Bloomsbury) pounds 17.99

8 Life Expectancy Dean R Koontz (HarperCollins) pounds 17.99

9 Body Double Tess Gerritsen (Bantam) pounds 12.99

10 The Final Detail Harlan Coben (Orion) pounds 12.99


1 Jamie's Dinners Jamie Oliver (M Joseph) pounds 20

2 Auschwitz Laurence Rees (BBC Books) pounds 20

3 Eats, Shoots & Leaves Lynne Truss (Profile pounds 9.99

4 French Women Don't Get Fat Mireille Guiliano (Chatto) pounds 12

5 Belle de Jour Anonymous (Weidenfeld) pounds 12.99

6 What You Wear Can Change Your Life Woodall & Constantine (Weideneld) pounds 20

7 Flanimals Ricky Gervais (Faber) pounds 9.99

8 Himalaya Michael Palin (Weidenfeld) pounds 20

9 Eats, Shites and Leaves Antal Parody (M O'Mara) pounds 9.99

10 Red Herrings and White Elephants Albert Jack (Metro Books) pounds 9.99