Books for Children / What do you know?: The W H Smith / Independent on Sunday Family Book Quiz - Win a computer worth pounds 2500, or pounds 50 of books, in our family quiz

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Picture question 1: where do these animals live?

Picture question 2 (right): who is this, and who created him?

Picture question 3 (left): who is this, and what was she eating?

1 Which novel begins 'All children, except one, grow up'?

2 Robert Burns wrote a poem called 'To A Louse'. True or false?

3 In which novel by Richard Adams do the characters Hazel and Fiver appear, and what are they?

4 What is the total number of eyes belonging to Dodie Smith's Dalmatians and a Cyclops?

5 The statue of the Little Mermaid, in Copenhagen, is a memorial to which writer?

6 The Belgian Georges Remi created, under a pseudonym, an adventurous cartoon character. What was the name of the character?

7 What kind of creature is Willy in Anthony Browne's picture book, Willy the Wimp?

8 What flattened Flat Stanley?

9 What colour is Peter Rabbit's jacket?

10 What bird showed Mary the key that unlocked a door into a special place where Colin grew strong?

11 To what did a blind man and a black spot finally lead Jim?

12 Where did Tom go when the clock struck 13?

13 Whose little red van always gets through, whatever the weather?

14 What was the name of the druid who helped Asterix and Anticlimax defeat the Romans?

15 Who crashed through a hedge into a horse-pond while driving a stolen car?

16 Whom did Barney meet in the chalk pit?

17 Who said 'Happy blooming Christmas to you too'?

18 PAUL USGOOSTUG (anag) found his winning ticket in a chocolate bar. Who is he?

19 What do Babe, Wilbur and Mr Piggott, Simon and Patrick have in common?

20 What was The Hobbit's name?

21 Who delivers letters to HRH Cinderella, BB Wolf Esq and Mr V. Bigg?

22 How old was Adrian Mole when he started keeping a diary?

23 Who discovered that he was really a swan?

24 Who might use raisins to catch a pheasant for your Christmas dinner?

25 The Inklings was an influential club whose members met to talk and tell one another stories. Two of its founders went on to write classic children's books. Who were they?

26 Which former Monty Python star wrote Fairy Tales and Fantastic Stories?

27 Which fictional school was forced into exile on the island of Guernsey by the Nazis?

28 Whose birthday is celebrated by full moon at the zoo and culminates in the Great Chain?

29 Name Jane Hissey's giraffe.

30 What kind of animals inhabit Brian Jacques' Redwall Abbey?

31 Name a piece of bedroom furniture associated with an animal and a woman who casts spells.

32 In Terry Pratchett's Truckers, Diggers and Wings, Masklin, Grimma and Gurder are not indigenous to this planet. What are they?

33 ' 'Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents,' grumbled Jo, lying on the rug.' Of which book is this the first line?

34 What animal is Jupiter in Robin Jarvis' The Deptford Mice?

35 Who was 'taller than a house' and had a metal head 'shaped like a dustbin but as big as a bedroom'?


THE PRIZES: First Prize is a Vale Premier 486 DX2-66PC with a 345 megabyte hard drive, 15' non-

interlaced SVCA monitor and two years on-site maintenance. The computer comes with Windows 3.1 and a selection of W H Smith educational software.

Ten runners-up each receive a W H Smith voucher worth pounds 50 to be spent on books of their choice.

HOW TO ENTER: Send your answers (don't forget the picture questions) to: W H Smith Book Quiz, c/o Julie Randles, W H Smith Ltd, Greenbridge Rd, Swindon, Wilts SN3 3LD by 15 January 1994. Please include the names and ages of the children in the family. Winners (the first correct entries drawn on the closing date) will be notified by post in February 1994. The usual rules apply.

The first prize is provided by Evesham Micros, specialists in the manufacture of personal computers for home and business use (0386-765500).

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