Books: Hardback top 10

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1 Hannibal Thomas Harris/Heinemann pounds 16.99

Eat your heart out

2 Star Wars: Episode One David Reynolds/D Kindersley pounds 12.99

The sets! The outfits! The silly names!

3 Death du Jour Kathy Reichs/Heinemann pounds 10

More slice and dice than Jamie Oliver

4 The Naked Chef Jamie Oliver/M Joseph pounds 18.99

Maybe he should get together with Lecter

5 Star Wars: Episode One - The Screenplay Century pounds 15.99

In case you feel the need to mouth the words in the cinema

6 In Pursuit of the Proper Sinnner Eliz. George/Hodder pounds 16.99

Two bodies found in a stone circle in the Peak District

7 The Science of Discworld Terry Pratchett etc/Edbury pounds 14.99

How that wizardy stuff could really work

8 Full Moon Michael Light/Cape pounds 35

To the moon and back courtesy of NASA

9 Man and Boy Tony Parsons/HarperCollins pounds 12.99

What happens when mummy walks out

10 Score! Jilly Cooper/Bantam US/pounds 16.99

Emotional and sexual crescendo