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Artwork: Tom Phillips's 1986 painting of a monkish Iris Murdoch, looking ascetic but not severe. She is the writer I most admire.

Film: When I was small, I saw The Wizard of Oz at the old-style cinema in East Street, Chichester. I dreamed myself as Dorothy in her red, glittery shoes. Later, I played the role in a draughty village hall and realised my proper place was not on the stage but being bossy in the wings.

Play: A teenage usherette at the Chichester Festival Theatre, I watched Ted Tally's Terra Nova every night. It's about Scott's Antarctic expedition and it sends shivers down my spine even now. Ice cream sales were lousy, though.

Place: Montsegur, high in the Pyrenees: the last stronghold of the Cathar heresy. This Easter, I climbed to the citadel and could see my family making a snowman 300 ft below.

Music: The second movement of Ravel's Piano Concerto in G major.

Kate Mosse's latest novel is `Crucifix Lane' (Plume)