Tama Janowitz Tue Borders Books and Music, Oxford St, London W1
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Tama Janowitz's first novel, Slaves of New York, was an international bestseller and firmly established her as a contemporary of Brett Easton Ellis and Jay McInerney. A Certain Age - her sixth novel - is a wickedly funny morality tale. Florence is convinced that, aged 32, she is approaching her sell-by date. "No one wanted to admit it, but even now the highest status for women in New York was to be married to a rich man. Marriage was still the greatest achievement, and single women, no matter how powerful, were still considered suspect, desperate or damaged." All her reserves (meagre) and financial resources (wilfully mismanaged) are devoted to attracting a suitable mate. Her self-absorption is breathtaking.

Tama Janowitz will be reading from `A Certain Age' at Borders Books and Music, 197-203 Oxford Street, London W1 (0171-292 1620) on Tues 6 Jul, 6.30pm, free

`A Certain Age' is published by Bloomsbury, pounds 12.99

Diona Gregory