Michael Frayn Mon University of East Anglia, Norwich
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The UEA's excellent autumn programme continues this week with novelist Michael Frayn, who will read from Headlong (Faber pounds 16.99), his Booker-nominated novel about art, happiness and wily old country folk.

While taking a break at their second home in the country, Martin Clay, a philospher, and his wife are invited to dinner with Tony Churt, the local landowner. There, Clay, asked to give his opinion about some old paintings the cash-strapped landowner hopes to offload, thinks he's found a missing Bruegel. Keeping the information to himself, he slowly works a wonderfully confused sting operation to relieve the unknowing Churt of the painting.

Along the way, this fast-paced comedy is mixed with a fascinating art-history investigation into the political and cultural background to Bruegel's 16th-century Netherlands, as the story moves towards its inevitable conclusion.

Lecture Theatre 1, UEA (01603 508050) Mon, 7pm, pounds 3.50/pounds 2

Stuart Price