books: talkin' `bout revolution

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"Liberty's a glorious feast" wrote Robert Burns. Well, tonight, at least, Revolution's a glorious cabaret. Highlight of today's Cheltenham Literary Festivities, The Revolution Cabaret brings together Tom Paulin, Tariq Ali, Valerie Grove and the luscious Lisa St Aubin de Tern, who'll be reading out their favourite revolutionary words with comic politicos the Stroud Football Poets. Expect Laurie Lee, Thomas Paine, John Dryden and George Orwell, South American folk songs, waving banners and passionate shrieks of no pasarn. Probably your only chance to hear Milton's Paradise Lost accompanied by the soaring trumpets and infectious timbales of a Cuban salsa band.

Cheltenham Festival of Literature, `Revolution Cabaret', Town Hall (01242 227979) today, 9pm-mdn't, pounds 7 (pounds 6). Festival runs until 18 Oct.