BOOK REVIEW / Bookshop Window: Dirty tricks - Martyn Gregory: Little, Brown, pounds 18.99

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This is an entertaining and informative account of one of the best-reported corporate scandals of the Nineties. It lacks the spice of fresh revelations, but familiar or not, most readers will be left gasping at how the world's favourite airline could set about destabilising a tiny rival, using every dubious practice in the book, and then calmly absolve itself and its senior management of blame. The book's occasional lapses into breathless prose may endear it to some, but they distract attention from the gravity of the behaviour under scrutiny. At 408 pages, Dirty Tricks is scarcely a long or intimidating read. The only pity is that Gregory, a television reporter himself, should have chosen to pad the story out by bashing fellow journalists for their perceived part in BA's war against Virgin.