BOOK REVIEW / Bookshop Window: Happy Families - ed. Richard Cohen: Methuen, pounds 9.99

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This cheerful book - a skit in which various eminent cartoonists recreate the famous 'happy families' of the card game - is part of a project for two charities - a Relief Fund for Romania and a child abuse foundation. But even if the cause were not so good the book would be a bargain. The 'happy' families are archetypal: Mr and Mrs Fax rub shoulders with Mr Cod the Comedian and Bernie Bum the builder. Quite which family is the best to collect is a moot point: perhaps Mr and Mrs 'Sour' Grapes, he a tax inspector, she a traffic warden: a marriage of Pooterish charm. Mr Greed, by the way, looks uncannily familiar. Those bushy eyebrows, that unusual girth - surely it isn't. . .