Comic book releases (North America): Iron Man safeguards the world's DNA

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US comic book releases for the week of October 14 include Iron Man: Iron Man Protocol #1, featuring Hollywood's recent superhero darling safeguarding genetic codes from Artificial Intelligence underneath the arctic tundra.

Iron Man: Iron Man Protocols #1
Price: $3.99
Deep within a secret government base beneath the arctic tundra lies the Ark: a vault containing the genetic codes for all life on Earth. But there's a problem--a rogue Artificial Intelligence has decided that the best way to protect the samples is to eradicate every living creature. Only Iron Man has the knowledge to stop the machine,and he's only got an hour to do it.

Nomad: Girl Without a World #2
Price: $3.99
This issue guest-stars the high-flying Falcon. When the Flag Smasher strikes, it's time for Rikki Barnesto make her debut as Nomad. But does she even want to be Nomad? And while the student body elections heat up at school, Mad Dog gets closer to sniffing out his red-headed prey.

Punisher: Frank Castle #75
Price: $4.99
Several years ago, under a cloudless day in New York's Central Park, Frank Castle's family was slaughtered in a mob crossfire. On that day, the man known as Frank Castle died and in his place was born the Punisher, a relentless engine of vengeance. Five stories take an unflinching look at what really happened that day, providing a penetrating look into the mass of hard muscle that once was Frank Castle's heart. Readers won't look at the Punisher the same way again.

The Marvels Project #3
Price $3.99
The centerpiece of Marvel's 70th anniversary celebration turns a deadly corner, as Nazi spies infiltrate the US government's secret Super-Soldier Experiment. And while the Torch learns what it means to be both human and a hero, Prince Namor arrives in New York looking for nothing more than vengeance.

X-Men Forever #9
Price $3.99
In this conclusion to the X-Men's South American adventure, the X-Men take on a new threat while still reeling from the revelations of the last issue, and the reappearance of the villainous Trask family! Plus, the funeral of Wolverine takes place as the X-Men put to rest their team member and friend.

Action Comics #882
Price: $3.99
Supergirl and Flamebird continue their slugfest, with poor Nightwing caught in the middle. And in the new Captain Atom co-feature, the mystery of where (and when) Captain Atom is heats up when someone with a connection to Metropolis arrives on the scene. But are they friend or foe?

Batman #691
Price: $2.99
Two-Face and the new Batman throw down in the Batcave. And the fight is a vicious one, but just as Two-Face begins to get the upper hand...Batman shows up? The final chapter of Dick Grayson's first adventure as Batman is a can't-miss.

Green Arrow and Black Canary #25
Price: $3.99
The main story this issue focuses on the sudden and strange return of Green Arrow: the faux Green Arrow that Black Canary stabbed on her wedding night, of course. And in this issue's co-feature, Black Canary is stunned to find that Cupid can't tell the difference between the two Green Arrows -- which could lead to one of the deadliest super-villain teams of all time.

Red Robin #5
Price: $2.99
Ra's al Ghul goes from hunter to hunted. What is the Council of Spiders, why have they been killing assassins, and who is the Wanderer? Everything shifts into insane overdrive as the daughter of Wayne Enterprises CEO Lucius Fox completes her quest to find Red Robin, only to get caught up in one of the deadliest games on the face of the planet.

Titans #18
Price: $2.99
With the Titans team slowly dissolving as members drift their own way, only the empath Raven recognizes the mounting disconnection. With her only friends disconnecting, Raven makes a surprising life choice that will affect the course of her strained relationship with Beast Boy.