Amazing grace: A new book honours the dignity and diversity of the world's indigenous peoples

The new book of portraits also celebrates the 50th anniversary of Amnesty International
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Indigenous peoples are among the world's most impoverished and oppressed inhabitants, making a remarkable subject for a new book from the photographer Dana Gluckstein. The aim of Dignity was to honour indigenous peoples and to capture the universality of experience that links us all, without ever sacrificing the dignity of the individual, as well as celebrating the forthcoming 50th anniversary of Amnesty International. Gluckstein spent 30 years photographing her sitters, who come from countries as diverse as Haiti, Kenya and Australia. The inspirational text that accompanies the black and white portraits are to give a better understanding of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, which acts as a global statement for governments to ensure the survival and well-being of indigenous peoples.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu writes in his foreword: "The indigenous peoples of the world have a gift to give that the world needs desperately, this reminder that we are made for harmony, for interdependence. If we are ever truly to prosper, it will only be together. The work of Dana Gluckstein... helps us to truly see, not just appearances, but essences, to see as God sees us, not just the physical form, but also the luminous soul that shines through us."

'Dignity' is published by PowerHouse Books (£28.99). To order a copy for the special price of £26.09 (free P&P), call Independent Books Direct on 08430 600 030, or visit